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Gardening Shovel, Shears or Lopping Tools - 4 Options
Trim, dig and prune with these Gardening Shovel, Shears or Lopping Tools Choose from a hand shovel, 50cm shears, 78cm telescopic shears or a 24-inch lopper Hand shovel is ideal for scooping up leaves, grass cuttings, coal and more Made with a strong metal shovel and a durable wooden handle 50cm shears have a flat blade that's great for edging lawns and flower beds With carbon steel blades for lasting sharpness and durable wooden handles 78cm shears are made from steel with 8-inch blades and non-slip handles 24-inch lopper has short, curved blades that can cut through tree branches easily   Buying Options: 4.99 pounds for the Hand Shovel 6.99 pounds for the 50cm Shears 7.99 pounds for the 24-Inch Lopper 9.99 pounds for the 78cm Telescopic Shears
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