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Waterproof Solar Alarm Lamp with Motion Sensor - 2 Options
Keep burglars at bay with this Waterproof Solar Alarm Lamp with Motion Sensor Make sure your property is protected thanks to this alarm's all-weather outdoor capabilities Ideal for homes, orchards, construction sites, and anywhere else that needs an alarm Features a sensing distance of 3.5-8 meters and a sensing angle of 110° Has a high-pitched alarm of 110 decibels and and visible warning light of 1000 meters Charge in the sun for at least 1 hour every day for  function all year round. Choose from the model with or without the remote controller   Buying Options 12.99 pounds instead of 29.99 pounds for the Without Remote Model - save 57% 14.99 pounds instead of 34.99 pounds for the With Remote Model - save 57%
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£29.99 £12.99

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